PAMUKKALE Thermal Route

The Idea was born to add Pamukkale and the surroundings to the EU Cultural Routes. So Turkey will have three routes in the EU Cultural Routes. For the bureaucratic procedure to submit our request to EU, the project needs to be supported by local municipalities, local authorities and the government. So after that with the support of the EU’s Association of Thermal Route, we will have a better opportunity to promote the thermal resources and other activities of the Denizli.

What is the project’s mission?Adding Denizli to the list of EU’s Thermal Route.

What is the project’s target? The local municipality, local authorities, Turkish government, EU Thermal List Association, European Union

What are the Stakeholders&Partners? Municipalities, Tourism Ministry, provincial tourism directorate and government, universities, educational ınstitutions, travel agencies, professionals on projects, EU Thermal List Association

What are the beneficiaries? The local municipality and local authorities, locals who need job, students who are eager to learn, government, hotels, cinemas, local shops, transportation services

In the next few years, Turkey will be on the list of EU and the country will be getting lots of tourists from abroad and it is important to safeguard the tangible and intangible heritage of Denizli’s province.

What are the solutions proposed by the developed project? The local authorities must focus more on the things Denizli has for tourism. The project wants to establish a good connection and communication among stakeholders and then it will be possible to attract people’s attention and adding Denizli to the EU’s List Of Thermal Route.

What are the outputs? Thanks to a good communication campaign and an advertising activity people will come to Pamukkale for thermal water and see its surroundings. So after that with the support of EU’s Association of Thermal Route, the area will have the opportunity to promote and safeguard the thermal resources and other activities of the Denizli.

What are the main social channels that will be used to promote the project? The idea will be launched on social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), on a web page that will be created.
These are the main first activities that will be implemented to get people’s attention and support the project. Also an application will be developed to reach as many people as possible.
Furthermore, to afford the expenses, the project will be promoted on a crowdfunding platform named ”Kickstarter”.

There is a similar Project named “Denizli Tourism Routes’’. You can connect it via downloading the application or from the web site. If you are planning to visit Denizli, you will enter the duration and your goal of visit (food, shopping, wellness etc.), and the platform will give you an alternative list. The touristic places are tagged at Google Maps in the platform. The site&app will direct you there and you will easily see those places on the map and go there with navigation. So the difference of our project is; our project is focusing on the more specific segment of Denizli’s tourism. And it includes fewer places than the app we mentioned above. Also, the explained project’s main mission is to add the Pamukkale and its surroundings to the EU Cultural Routes. So it will be different and more specific than this exemplary project.

Sustainable Development Goals of UNWTO Indicators:

GOAL 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

GOAL 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The project has been developed by Murat Duyar and Ferhat Ozaydin.