The project will focus on the safeguarding of local traditions and folklore, such as religious rites, popular legends and evocative landscapes surrounding the Abbey of Barsento in Noci (Bari), giving value to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

This site, that tradition dates back to the 6th century, is a local pilgrimage destination, on May and September 8th, in honor of the Virgin Mary, whom it is dedicated to. The project idea would emphasize the abbey’s uniqueness since it represents the coexistence of two traditionally opposite themes both characteristic of our culture: sacred and pagan.

The main objective is increasing the number of young visitors and their accompanying people to the Barsento site with educational activities supported by digital, eventually integrating them with lectures, musical and folk dance events as well. In addition, the project aims to attract especially children, providing a didactical and sensorial experience, alternative to traditional classroom methods, through a drawing video wall: the idea is teaching with funny and extremely captivating technologies.

In conclusion, the intangible cultural heritage of Barsento will be digitally valorized through the creation of an interactive video mapping system: the young visitors have to draw their own ideas about sacred and profane themes and then their sketches will come to life, thanks to a “special” projector. It will screen the drawings on an empty wall inside the Abbey and kids will be surrounded by their animated, colorful and dynamic creations. The project can be implemented by the augmented reality and 3D designated positions, to make children’s drawings three-dimensional.

The challenge is inserting Noci in a tourist network nearby Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Putignano, Gioia del Colle, the archaeologic park of Monte Sannace; besides, at the same time, we would enjoy to involve local stakeholders and create an economical movement in favour of regional professionists.

Team members: Lorenza Capece, Angela Stefania Lamanna, Damiana Patimo, Francesca Ricciardi