LocalLoresHunters is a marketplace of local and traditional stories that can be bought by museums and institutions in order to preserve the intangible heritage made of stories that are orally handed down. On LolalLoresHunters marketplace, museums or institutions can buy one or more experiences, becoming part of this important project which aim is to preserve a particular intangible heritage for our territory.

Patreon is the crowdfunding platform choose for the project because it gives the opportunity to collect money through a patronage system. On Patreon you can subscribe to a specific topic or a specific artist and pay it/him/her when it/he/she produces content.

The planning provides:

• The project casted on PATREON;

• The design of logo and the creation of social network identities;

• The research of 3 local lore stories to write as novel and to design as game;

• The awareness campaign and the implementation of playable events in local museums;

• The market analysis;

• Public relations with cultural institutions;

• A mantaining campaign;

• An online browsable repository;

• A printed platform and a playable one;

• 10 museums in 2022.

Similar campaigns have been launched successfully already on Patreon:

  • folklorefellows.fi is a federation of association that works with local lore by collecting it in books;
  • localslore.com is a marketplace where to book local experiences leaded by local guides;
  • CityLore is a non-profit organization that offers educational programs, workshops and events to recognize grassroots cultures and ensure their living legacy.

The main target are:

  • families with kids: the experiences are addressed in particular to kids aged 3-12 and they can be with their parents;
  • Citizens working or living abroad: those people that would like to live again part of their history and traditions;
  • Schools: groups of young students that can learn more about their origins.

Thanks to LocalLoresHunters, in the ticket offices of the museums they will propose two different options: the classic one and the interactive one (an immersive and a playable experience). Even more, LocalLoresHunters will make old stories live again.

LocalLoresHunters is an idea by:

  1. Aldo Campanelli, Tou.Play and Fleet Save Games founder, he works with game based activities dedicated to cultural promotion and non formal learning.
  2. Francesca Cantatore, student in Public, Social and Business Communication, she took her bachelor in Linguistic and Intercultural Communication. She wants to become an Event Manager.
  3. Valeria Sblendorio, she restores frescos, mosaic, stones materials, stucco. She loves music and she cares about enviroment.