Local Lore Hunters

The aim of the LocalLoreHunters is to bring stories in the museums and make them tangible through  sensorial experiences.
We want to collect and keep local lore stories, turn them into a game that travellers, families with kids, cultural passionate, citizens working or living abroad, groups of students, can play with their senses in the museums. We want to offer an innovative way of exploring and living the history and tradition in the museums to make them more attractive and interactive and to preserve our local lore.

Discover more with Augmented Reality

You can discover more about our project in two simple steps:

1. Scan the QR code below or follow this link on your smartphone’s browser: https://webxr.run/56XprwLNn39n

2. After the AR experience has started on your browser, point your camera on the image below and the magic will happen!