Hologram of The Extinct Ancient Mysteries

Would you like to see ancient cities in their magnificent state, not as they are now, but as they were in previous years? If you want this too then you should follow our project closely. Our goal is bringing the ancient buildings damaged or lost for various reasons in ancient cities to the surface with hologram technology. For example, earthquakes unfortunately destroyed many ancient cities partially or completely. We want to realize this project in order to sustain future generations seeing these cities like real. They shouldn’t see these places just from the internet, they should see like real.

We would like to use our project especially in ancient cities, but we would like to state that it can be used in other buildings that were built alone and that have not survived until today.

For this project, technologies such as drone and lidar data are planned to be used. In addition, we will use the technologies we have learned such as digital storytelling and AR-VR-MR in our project. In addition, theoretical assistance will be sought from those working in the fields of history and archaeology in making a hologram of these structures.

If we talk about the benefits of our project, it will provide employment opportunities for experts in technology, archaeology and art history while under construction. When our project is implemented, it will contribute to the tourism of that country, even people who are not interested in these issues will come to visit, wondering how this technology was implemented.

We think that it will support the local people living in the region economically as we think it will attract many tourists. It will also be socially positive for the region where the project will be built.

The region will gain vitality as many tourists will come to the region where the project is implemented. However, we will cooperate with local governments in order to remove the negative effects (damage to the region, solid waste pollution, and noise pollution).

In our project, we will use the promotion and access power of local governments, the ministries of the country, and social media. “We will make an agreement with a well-known and good company in this field to run the promotional campaign on social media. We want to reach more people by using the sharing and distribution power of social media.

For example, we want to agree with YouTube content producers with very high subscriber numbers, to interview the project team, and then to introduce our ancient city made of the hologram on the video with the project team and benefit from their access power. Our project addresses all age and professional groups and we will use various communication channels to direct them to the project we have done.

The project has been developed by Batuhan Furtana, Mustafa Azboy and Yasin Pekel.