An app that brings carnival masks to life.” FolklorApp changes how people experience the Venice Carnival by providing meaningful and one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality content. We hope to keep all Carnival fans by making the user experience enjoyable and participatory.

Our slogan is “Your mask will be brought to life!”

Our mission

Our goal is to create an app that will exhibit anecdotes and emotional stories given by Venetian masks in augmented reality, employing content that enriches the physical experience by integrating different sensations and interactive features. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, make it simple to get started with all of this. To thank customers for their efforts, we will offer them two QR Codes that can be used to obtain discounts at local shops and print a custom carnival mask. The goal is to provide visitors with a digital experience that respects the environment while also boosting the number of tourists visiting Venice, which will benefit local companies and governments.

What kind of users will love our App?

However, we feel that both educators and students will find the framework of this experience humorous. Despite this, we strongly recommend that families visit Venice to take advantage of the situation and experience the entire city and neighboring areas.

As a result, we’d want to inform everyone interested that we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund this project soon!
What’s next? 

The project is nearing completion, and we are ready to take it to the skies!

As a result, we’d want to advise everyone interested in assisting with the funding of this project that we will be beginning a crowdfunding campaign in the near future!

Investors will benefit from their significant donations since, like their masks, they will assist to bring this idea to light!

As a result of this, you will take a crucial step in assisting this young team in taking flight and demonstrating this incredible idea to the rest of the world!

Discover more with Augmented Reality

You can discover more about our project in two simple steps:

1. Scan the QR code below or follow this link on your smartphone’s browser:

2. After the AR experience has started on your browser, point your camera on a flat horizontal surface, follow the instructions on screen and the magic will happen!