Bil’app’s goal is to give to the user the opportunity to explore a city located in the North of Portugal (Vila Real) via smartphone.With our project, we hope to improve and facilitate the access to the residents and tourists and to the students of the city, including the freshman students, to information about traditions, history of the city, costumes and traditions. Give the tourists, students and whoever is interested the opportunity to know the city of Vila Real.

The main objectives of our project is to facilitate and offer access to cultural heritage in our city. In addition, we want to put events and activities to be completed in our application. With this events or activities, the users earn points that they can change for discounts on the typical restaurants and bars that appear in our app.

Discover more with Augmented Reality

You can discover more about our project in two simple steps:

1. Scan the QR code below or follow this link on your smartphone’s browser:

2. After the AR experience has started on your browser, point your camera on the image below and the magic will happen!